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Allison Watrous

Guest Artist, Denver Center for the Performing Arts

ALLISON WATROUS is the Director of Education and has celebrated the DCPA as her artistic home for the past 20 years as an educator, actor and director. Allison is a collaborative leader of artists, teaching artists, actors, and educators and an innovative teacher who is passionate about working with students of all ages. She is currently on the faculty of Denver School of the Arts and the University of Colorado Denver. Acting work includes Kelly Young in Just Like Us, A Christmas Carol, John Brown’s Body and Scapin (DCPA Theatre Company); Girls Only – The Secret Comedy of Women (DCPA Cabaret); Astronomical Sunset (Curious Theatre Company), and Savage in Limbo, Crimes of the Heart, American Notes, Talley’s Folly and Gidion’s Knot (Sis Tryst Productions) Directing work includes Bus Stop (Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities), The Revolutionists (BETC), Brighton Beach Memoirs (Miners Alley Playhouse), Big Love (University of Denver), and Failure: A Love Story, The Laramie Project, Eurydice, Wintertime, Arcadia and The Beauty Queen of Leenane (Denver School of the Arts) Allison earned a Masters Degree in Fine Arts in Acting from the National Theatre Conservatory.

Allison's Workshops

    Activate Your Spontaneity through Improv

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , , , , /

    This fast paced workshop will explore the power and fun of spontaneity. Improve your improv, ignite your presence, activate your entire body, tap into your instincts, and drop into the moment. Don’t just play the middle ground- be bold

    Play the Moment: The Action Workshop

    , Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , Musical Theatre, , , / Regular

    Being in the moment is the heartbeat of an actor’s work. Discover new ways to improve your presence, moment to moment work, land action, choose clear objectives, and play the stakes of the given circumstances. Whether performing a monologue from Shakespeare, belting In the Heights or diving into a scene from Noises Off, these tools will activate your work.

    The Business of Acting

    , , Advanced / Acting, , Musical Theatre, , , /

    Moving from the classroom or studio into the professional world of theatre work is better when having a goal, a plan, and the best resources possible toward success. You may not always get the job, but with this workshop, you’ll get insights on strategies and best-practices to keep you energized and focused to do what you love.