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Abby Stuckrath

Guest Artist, International Thespian Officer

Abby Stuckrath attend Denver School of the Arts, is a State Thespian Officer and is one of the six International Thespian Officers. The ITO’s represent all 36,000 student thespians all across the world. The fundamental part of the ITO program is to recognize,honor, and develop leadership abilities through teaching leadership and art advocacy workshops to thespians at state thespian conferences.

Abby's Workshops

    Jedi Training for Leaders

    Beginning, , / Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, Tech, , / Regular

    This is a Star-Wars themed leadership workshop, it is to teach/illustrate the importance of servant leadership through Jedi motifs.

    When leading as a Jedi it is necessary to build a positive atmosphere to grow. It is important that we as Jedi’s pull people in with our force, not out. You must lead with the intention of benefiting others, not yourself. We practice this concept in the workshop by playing a Star Wars version of Heads Up. In the game, the students must learn about how to adapt to others learning styles while upholding a positive atmosphere.

    Throughout the workshop, I also discuss the importance of failure and being able to accept and encourage failure as a leader. This is put to work through a blindfolded exercise.

    Finally, the workshop showcases the importance of individuality and that there is no one to lead, leadership comes in many different forms.

    Overall, the workshop teaches students that their voice as a leader is important and valuable.