Presenter Profile

Alyssa Ridder

Guest Artist, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Alyssa Ridder is a costume designer based out of Denver, CO. She received her MFA in costume design from The Pennsylvania State University and proudly serves as the Lecturer of Costume Design & Technology at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Alyssa has previously worked as a designer in Portland, OR and as a costume shop manager, guest designer, and adjunct faculty at George Fox University in Newberg, OR. Alyssa’s passion for design is in reviving older works in dramaturgically exciting ways and she enjoys writing about the design process. Her latest research involves integrating costume design with 3D technology for a more sustainable theatrical workflow.

Alyssa's Workshops

    Digital Costume in Augment Reality

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / , , , Tech, , / Tech

    Explore western 19th century costume history through augmented reality! In this workshop we will interact with 3D scans of garments from museum collections using Instagram filters on your phone. We will learn about the materials, history, and context of each piece and discuss the applications of 3D design in the theatre industry.

    Sock Talk

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / , , , Tech, , / Tech

    Practice making design choices with SOCKS! Even something as commonplace as a sock can tell us about who a person is, how they relate to other characters, and how they function in the overall structure of a play. This workshop cultivates the skills of story-driven design choices and trusting your instincts as a designer.