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Ann Marie Pollard

Guest Artist, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Ann Marie Pollard is a voice, text, and dialect coach based in Lincoln, Nebraska. She works with actors, singers, and voice professionals to explore the fullest potential of their vocal expression. She teaches at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and serves as the Resident Voice, Text, and Dialects Coach at the Nebraska Repertory Theatre.

Ann Marie's Workshops

    Character Voices: Voiceover at the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , , , , / Regular

    Join Ann Marie Pollard for a fun vocal warm up and an exploration of character voices based on your unique vocal range and quality. Unlock the potential for developing a variety of sounds based on what you have right at your fingertips - or, more appropriately, at the tip of your tongue! This voiceover workshop is great for high school students considering studying acting at the University or Conservatory level.