Presenter Profile

Chris Parr

Guest Artist, St Vrain Theatre Company

Chris T. Parr, is the Executive Director of the St Vrain Theatre Company and owner of Shadow Man Marketing. He has performed with the Longmont Theatre Company, LTC's Standing Room Only & the Wing & Prayer Theatre Company. While working with the Longmont Youth Theatre he directed several teen productions including the Colorado premiere of 4 AM the Musical. He also began taking the company to the Colorado Community Theatre Collation festival where the company has won several awards including the Techtinublation Award. With the St Vrain Theatre Company he has expanded the mission of helping youth programs as well as pushing the idea of theatre in Strange Places. As well as continuing to participate in the Colorado Community Theatre Collation Festival. He has worked with dance companies, community theatres, production companies, and high school theatres all over the state. Helping them with everything from set design and stage management to ticket sales and social media promotion. He was the Road Manager for Frederick High School's 2018 Thescon Mainstage production of Newsies. He has a BA in Digital Marketing. Which has helped him work with marketing companies all over the country as well as non-profits. He has helped them create grass roots campaigns to help promote new products and programs.

Chris's Workshops

    Production Boot Camp

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, Tech, , / Regular

    So you've decided to put on a show (musical, play, one act or One Act Festival) or maybe you want to learn a few tricks to make it easier for you and your school to produce and perform a show. This workshop is open to teacher, parent, & student alike. Because we work as team to ge the show on stage.
    Workshop participants will work with the presenter on a interactive presentation on what to do in order to get your show running and getting parents involved in your show. How to get over the mid show hump. To what do I do now that the show is over.
    Once the presentation is done a roundtable discussion will occur to allow a question and answer session and a free exchange of ideas that have worked for them and what hasn't worked for them.

    What’s A Producer & Why Do I Need It

    Beginning, , Advanced / , , Musical Theatre, , , / Regular

    Workshop participants will learn the ins and outs of being a producer for a high school production. The workshop will cover every position that a producer may need to fill in and what to do. We will cover the basics of dramaturgy, marketing, show coordination, house management, box office, and filling in where the director needs you.
    A question and answer section will be offered at the end of the workshops so participants can ask any and all question that may have come up or even ones that they arrived with.