Presenter Profile

Chris Parr

Guest Artist, St Vrain Theatre Company

Chris Parr, is the Executive Director of the St Vrain Theatre Company. He has worked with dance companies, high school theatre companies, and community theatres all over the state. Helping them with everything from set design and stage management to ticket sales and social media promotion. He is also an accomplished actor and director.

Chris's Workshops

    Cost Effective Marketing & Fundraising

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / , , , Tech, , /

    Workshop participants will be shown several ways to manage their marketing budgets. How to get the biggest bang for your buck. As well as unique ways to fundraising during the time of the show. How to monopolize your time when you are in the limelight. As well as way to look for and find free marketing tools both in the public, on social media and online.

    Making Social Media Work For You & Your Show

    Beginning, Intermediate, / , , , Tech, , /

    Workshop participants will learn how to market and publicize their show both in the community and with in their school. As so not to rely on newspapers. How to use FB and other social media to their advantage and how to create unique posters and photos for use within their community both in and out of the school. As well as how to make YouTube work for you and the rules within to show off the show. How to make FB, Instagram, Twitter, Apps and hashtags work for you. The workshop will cover the basics of social media and marketing as well as online ticket sales.

    Next Level Marketing

    , Intermediate, Advanced / , , , Tech, , /

    Workshop participants will learn how to take their marketing and publicity of shows from 'Ho Hum' to 'OMG'. You will learn everything from how to use Facebook Live well, how to manage your page and connect it to your Instagram page and make it all work together and get your potential audience member to your online ticket site. As well as how to take your basics posters, programs and headshots to the next level. As well as how to tie it all together so it has one theme and look. Their will also be time at the end to ask questions on how to promote your upcoming show or program as a whole.

    Theatre In Strange Places (Guerrilla Theatre)

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , , Tech, , /

    Workshop participants will learn how to perform and rehearse theatre in odd places. How you can take your show on the road. How you could actually do the show in a coffeeshop, even on a street corner, in an amphitheater, even in a remote corner of your school or in 24 hours. As well as the newest concept of Theatre on the Move. Chris Parr and members of the St Vrain Theatre Company have become experts in the idea of theatre in strange places or GUERRILLA Theatre.