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Dee Covington

Guest Artist, Curious Theatre Company

Dee Covington is a founder of Curious Theatre Company, now celebrating its 21st Season.  As an artist at Curious, Dee serves as an actress, director and the Education Director of the innovative high school/college playwriting program, Curious New Voices.  Curious Theatre Company produces regional and world premieres with social and political relevance, illuminating community concerns and providing avenues to insight and deeper discussion.  As an artist, Dee brings this goal of mission-driven theatre-making into all aspects of the creative process.  Other theatre work includes Artistic Director of Break the Cycle; a touring teen theatre company creating devised work to address community concerns and Artistic Director of Synergy's On The Ball Players; a touring teen theatre company housed in a homeless and runaway youth shelter in Kansas City, MO.  Now at Curious Theatre Company Dee is committed to making Curious an artistic home for young artists as they expand their knowledge of the field and develop their own creative voices.

Dee's Workshops

    Playwriting Your Revolution

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , , , , /

    In this playwriting workshop we will provide exercises and opportunities for writers to deepen their creative process and create material that takes risks and sheds light. Ultimately, if it matters deeply to you it will resonate with the world. Together we will explore ways to keep ourselves honest as writers, even if our characters may be slightly deceptive. Bring paper. Come ready to write your own.

    Theatre Speaking to the Transgender Experience

    Beginning, , / Acting, , , , , /

    In Transit
    by Holden Thomas
    "You could try to help me understand it." When Oliver's older brother drives the pair to Chicago to pick up testosterone to aid in Oliver's transition, the siblings get into a weighty discussion on identity. Through open dialogue and family banter, we explore the challenges facing this transgender teen, both physically and emotionally. In Transit answers some of the most sensitive questions on transgender transition, while also challenging the audience to consider the deeply personal questions of identity that many take for granted.

    Written during the 2018 Curious New Voices National Collective, a playwriting intensive, In Transit allows an entry point to conversation around LGBTQ+ issues, providing a platform and vocabulary for robust and open dialogue.