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Ed Reggi

Guest Artist, Paper Slip Theater

Ed Reggi coaches Viola Spolin Theater Games internationally. He got his start studying at Second City and with its founder Paul Sills. Today, Reggi performs with Paper Slip Theater, his professional improv company and is an acting coach for the Oprah Winfrey Television Network.

Ed's Workshops

    Decoding Viola Spolin’s Theater Games!

    , , Advanced / Acting, , , , , /

    Viola Spolin’s writings and philosophy influenced not only American theatre, television, and film, but the American theatre classroom. But few students and teachers understand how to decode her theatre games. In this workshop, participants will decode the key principles behind Spolin’s theatre games and the critical role the side-coach plays in teaching theatre. Experiencing Yes...And, Give and Take, Emerging Who, and other Spolin theatre games, participants become better acquainted with the most overlooked parts of Spolin’s pedagogy. This workshop is geared for the advanced improv student and/or educator who wants to take a deeper dive into Viola Spolin's theater games.

    Improv a Musical

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , Musical Theatre, , , /

    Did you know Broadway and Off-Broadway musicals like [title of show], Urinetown, and Forbidden Broadway were all originally generated from improvised short scenes in front of a live audience? Learn the skills and techniques that can allow an ensemble to make up their own musical performance on the fly—a terrific opportunity for singers and non-singers. Excellent opportunity for those students interested in playwriting, composing and/or creating lyrics for new musicals. Gain more confidence for musical auditions!

    Improv a Play

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , , , , / Regular

    A two-person show is one of the most powerful forms of good theatre and television. Perform like Key and Peele or Nichols and May! Learn how to improvise an original two-person play in front of a live audience. Discover the skills and techniques for telling a story without telling jokes or creating punchlines. Stories start and end with powerful and interesting relationships between characters. This workshop will certainly challenge both the novice and master improv actor.

    Improv This!

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , , , , /

    Improv is all about being totally 100% in the moment! In this workshop, we will learn new techniques and new games that will directly help us become more present on stage to our fellow scene partners and improv ensemble. We will learn newly created improv games, quickly and in a way that fosters more energy and urgency. The results will help your improv skills and increase your stage confidence.

    Theater Games for the Classroom

    Beginning, , / Acting, , , , , /

    Come learn how it all started--Viola Spolin Theater Games! Learn improv games that build an ensemble, explore characters, and investigate invisible locations on stage. We will also explore how we can always adapt and perform existing stories using Spolin's Theater Games. This workshop allows students to stretch their acting muscles using Viola Spolin's Theater Games while they begin to discover the art of storytelling and improvisation.

    Using Theatre Skills in Careers Outside Theatre

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, Tech, , / Regular

    Acting skills are not just for actors! Actors have a set of skills that benefit many other professions, trades, and industries. In this active and fun hands-on workshop, discover the wonderful world of Applied Theatre skills that can have you employed for the rest of your life. Discover how actors are shaping the fields of Healthcare, Business, Education and Social Work.