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Elizabeth Rand

Guest Artist, PRESETT

Beth Rand is a high school theatre Operations and Safety Coach and a Lighting Designer.  She recently moved to the area from Seattle and is now based in Westminster. Beth began her technical theatre career at her own high school theatre and has worked in educational and professional technical theatre for over 30 years.  Most recently Beth served as a High School Theatre Manager for the past 7 years, and has been designing lights for school plays and musicals for over 20 years. She has also consulted on the construction and/or equipment upgrades of several school theatres. Beth now teaches an online course for Drama teachers on High School Theatre Management, and offers other services to high school theatres through her company PRESETT.  Beth’s bachelor’s degree is in Stage Lighting and her master’s degree is in Entertainment Business.  She has teaching certification in Theatre Arts and also is available to sub for area Drama teachers.  Beth can be contacted through

Elizabeth's Workshops

    CYA (Cover Your Actors-and-techies): Safety Policies and Practics for School Theatres

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / , , , Tech, , /

    Nobody knows more than a Drama teacher that a high school theatre is one of the most dangerous places in a school that students have access to, and that safety is the most fundamental concern. As such it is important to be able to evidence that you have provided the safest possible environment; complete with policies, procedures, trainings, notices, and documentation. This presentation will address fall protection, counterweight system operations, scene shop safety and other hazards found in school theatres. You will discover what policies and procedures you should have in place in your school theatre - regardless of the size and state of your facility - that safeguard personal safety, protect property, and mitigate liability, and most importantly perhaps prevent what could have been a more serious accident from happening.