Presenter Profile

Emma Dehner

Guest Artist, St Vrain Theatre Company

Emma Dehner is an accomplished make up artist. She has worked with several companies all over the state but works primarily with the Longmont Theatre Company and the St Vrain Theatre Company. She is elementary teacher in the St Vrain Valley School District. She most recently taught her makeup skills at the Colorado Community Theatre Collation Festival as well as to the local theatre communities. 

Emma's Workshops

    Gore & Special Effect Makeup

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , , Tech, , / Tech

    Workshop participants will be shown how to do all levels of gore makeup. Everything from bruises, cuts, gashes, and even blood dripping. After the opening presentation live demonstrations will be performed on willing workshop participants. A question and answer time will be offered at the end where members can even ask what type of makeup would be best.

    Makeup Above & Beyond

    , Intermediate, Advanced / , , , Tech, , / Tech

    Have you ever wondered what it would take to do more than the basic makeup? Well this workshop is for you. Workshop participants will learn to do the outlandish makeup that directors only dream of.
    You will see the basics of how to use latex, fake blood, gore and the unrealistic. From zombies to crazy animals and beyond.
    A in person demo will be given as well as a question and answer section at the end.