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Eric Hernandez

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Eric Hernandez is a local filmmaker, currently working as a Producer, Director, and Cinematographer for Rocky Mountain PBS (RMPBS). His passion for storytelling began when he was nine-years-old and continues to grow each day as he continues to write and direct a variety of short films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials. 

After graduating from Elon University with a BFA in Cinema & Television Arts, Eric was selected as one of three finalists across the nation to Write & Direct a commercial for Coca-Cola & Regal Cinemas as a part of their Coca-Cola Regal Films Challenge. Since then, Eric has had a lead role in producing Colorado Experience; an Emmy-Award Winning documentary series dedicated to preserving and celebrating Colorado History. During his time at RMPBS, Eric and his team have garnered six Heartland Emmy nominations and two Colorado Broadcasters Association Awards of Excellence.

The stories we tell, and the films we make have the power to educate, inform and inspire. They are representations of who we are, and the larger questions we strive to answer. They can be shared with the world, and most importantly, they bring people together. So, let's make something!

Eric's Workshops

    Film: Crafting a Cinematic Scene

    , Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , , , , / Regular

    What makes a scene "cinematic?" What does "cinematic" mean?
    The adventure of taking words on a page, and bring them to life demands that the filmmaker successfully juggles every aspect of filmmaking. The decisions he or she makes can greatly impact the quality and power of a scene.

    You have your script, you have your actors, and you have your camera. But now what? Staging a scene requires an understanding, both technical and dramatic, that acts as the foundation for all creative decisions.

    Dive into the world of filmmaking through engaging exercises that will teach the fundamentals of bringing a scene to life. Learn to recognize the beats of a scene, blocking your actors, and see how the camera becomes a character of its own.

    After completing this workshop, participants will have the learned the necessary techniques to increase the cinematic quality of even the most basic of scenes.