Presenter Profile

Erin Carignan

Guest Artist, Colorado State University Fort Collins

Erin is a versatile costume designer who has worked in regional theatre, opera, dance, music

videos, and print in roles ranging from costume designer, stylist, textile artist, to crafts artisan.

She has been a part of over 130 professional productions with several theatre companies, most

notably Old Globe Theatre, Los Angeles Opera, La Jolla Playhouse, and Pioneer Theatre.

Her research centers around her most passionate subjects: costume design, textile surface

modification, and pushing the boundaries of design and technology using digital mediums and

interfaces. She is most interested where these subjects intersect in theatrical artistry and technical

application. This research ties in with her own book The Dye Book: Dyeing and Painting for the

Entertainment Industry (on contract with Focal press 2022). She is an Assistant Professor of

Costume Design and the Vice Chair of the Design Technology Management Branch of KCACTF Region 7.

She is an active member of USITT, Costume Society of America, KCACTF, and USA 829.

Erin's Workshops

    Behind the Scenes: Painting and Dyeing for Film and Theatre.

    Beginning, Intermediate, / , , , Tech, , / Tech

    See the spaces and costumes professional dyers and breakdown artists use for A-list films to Broadway shows. Learn how these professionals use paint and dye to transform new clothes into characters!