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Estee Dechtman

Guest Artist, Colorado State Thespian Officer and International Thespian Officer Alumn

Estee Dechtman is a former International Thespian Officer and Colorado State Thespian Officer. She is currently studying at Barnard College of Columbia University, double majoring in theatre and human rights. She is former member of Troupe #5869 and could not be more excited to be here, in her home town, with the incredible Colorado Thespians! Come find Estee during festival if you have any questions about thespians, leadership, arts advocacy, or Barbra Streisand- she will be happy to talk about all three! 

Estee's Workshops

    The AdvoCATe in the Hat

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , , , , /

    Do you want to learn to advocate?
    Come on in to find out how!
    Don’t know what that is? That’s great!
    Its super easy to learn now!
    With the help of Doctor Seuss,
    Put your advocacy skills to use!

    Come join International Thespian Officer Estee Dechtman and learn how to advocate for your schools theatre program!