Presenter Profile

Jason Lemire

Guest Artist, TIFE Theatre

As an educator, Jason Lemire was recognized by the Colorado Thespian’s Association as a 2019 Drama Teacher of the year for his passionate, student-driven approach to the creative process. He has developed a variety of innovative teaching curricula that emphasize improvisation, accessible language for analyzing character motivations, and empowering student ownership of the creative process As a playwright for school audiences, Jason has collaborated with his students to write and direct over 25 original productions, from vignettes and one-acts to full- length musicals. After a local high school program licensed and produced one of his playscripts – and the run enjoyed raucous, sold out shows – Jason was inspired to launch TIFE Theatre. TIFE playscripts inspire laughter, gasps, sobs and cheers; equal parts challenging and accessible. Most importantly, they are written to help inspire a love for theatre by encouraging student ownership of the characters themselves. Jason is also proud to have served as a writer-in-residence with The Rutgers Institute on Ethnicity, Culture and the Modern Experience under guidance of the late Dr. Clement Price, and mentorship of Dr. Julia Miller, former director of the Black Studies Center at Seton Hall University. Their wisdom and example inspire him to craft inclusive works that frequently grapple with the subjects of justice, equity and belonging.

Jason's Workshops

    Being Bad – Playing and Writing Villains

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , , , , / Regular

    In this workshop for both actors and playwrights, award-winning theatre teacher Jason Lemire invites thespians to explore the depths of the human psyche to unearth the unnervingly familiar. Through scene work, monologues, writing and improvisation, thespians will be given license and language to explore the motivations of those who do wrong. Thespians will be challenged to move past simple dynamics of good and evil, and instead strive to grapple with the humanity of even the most challenging characters.

    Fearless Playwriting

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , Musical Theatre, , , / Regular

    Discover what happens to your creativity when you remove self-doubt. Discover what happens to your storytelling when you start removing blinders you didn't even realize you had in place! This workshop with playwright and screenwriter Jason Lemire is designed to explode many pre-conceived notions about the limits of narrative and creativity. The session starts with a variety of rapid-fire games to build collective confidence in the creative process, then flows into guided writing prompts and the sharing of original works.

    Improv for Dramatic Actors

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , , , , / Regular

    While theatre programs frequently offer opportunities to explore improv comedy, improvisation also offers a thrilling opportunity for young thespians to grow as dramatic actors. Award-winning playwright and theatre educator Jason Lemire invites students to explore their creative limits in a workshop that encourages discovery and positive risk taking. In this workshop, scripted scenes and monologues serve as a jumping off point for improvised discovery. Lemire pulls from a variety of established and avant-garde acting techniques to offer an approach to acting and improv that is both rigorous and accessible. Prepare to impress yourself with the work you create!

    Like a Turkey Thrown Out of an Airplane into a Warzone – Metaphors in Storytelling

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , Musical Theatre, , , / Regular

    Sometimes the most powerful way to explore a theme or subject matter is through metaphor. Indeed, it can be a particularly impactful way of grappling with difficult or emotionally charged material. In this workshop, thespians will be invited to engage with metaphors both as they are found in scripted works and by attempting to discover their own. Metaphor can allow for a safe degree of distance, and even be a vehicle for comedy, all while offering actors and playwrights the opportunity to produce truly meaningful work. This workshop is run by educator and playwright Jason Lemire, whose experience as a writer-in-residence with the Rutgers Institute on Ethnicity informs his approach to tackling social justice themes in storytelling.