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Kate Schwindt

Guest Artist, Kate Schwindt Photography

I am a professional photographer in Highlands Ranch CO, originally from the Philadelphia area. I have my undergraduate degree in Theatre from Temple University and my masters from the University of Missouri – Kansas City, in Theatre Performance and Directing. I am a mentor to high school and middle school students as well. I have been a photographer since 2001, but officially opened my own business, Kate Schwindt Photography (KSP) in 2012.

A good bit of my time is spent donating my photography services for the high schools, and through my interactions with the teachers and students, I began writing this class in order to provide information, tools and resources and hope to the high school students who want to continue performing after high school. I can’t wait to help you Be Seen & Market You!

Kate's Workshops

    30 Seconds of YOU! (Auditioning Exercises) with Kate Schwindt

    Beginning, , / Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, , , /

    With 12 years of auditions under my belt, I’ve made many entrances and some fantastically memorable exits, some better than others but all to benefit you.

    We will get up and be moving to develop a more authentic you for when you walk into your next audition. We will break down those few precious seconds you have and show your auditioners the wonderful and amazing person YOU are, BEFORE you wow them with your talent. We’ll be playing some games to help loosen us up…so be ready to work, but have oh so much fun!

    Headshot Tips with Kate Schwindt

    Beginning, Intermediate, / Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, , , /

    What to wear, and what NOT to wear…there are SO many the question! Practicing posing in the mirror is fine. But a million selfies and this mirror time will not prepare you for taking a great headshot.

    We will talk about the yes’ and the no’s of planning your headshot session. I will get you up and posing, providing you with tips for the most flattering angles. At the end of our time, you will be ready to take a headshot that actually REALLY looks like you!

    Bring your best you to this class. Dress but nothing too trendy, nothing too dressy. Comb your hair please cause I will get you up and in front of the camera!