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Kristina Johnson

Guest Artist, Red Rocks Community College Theatre Arts and Dance

Kris Johnson has spent the major portion of her life recreating historical costume with an anachronistic twist as well the comic book characters that captivated her. She has been a part of the cosplay community for nearly 20 years, and currently spends her holidays as a member of a small story telling troupe sharing the adventures of the Nordic gods and heroes. 

Kristina attended and graduated from Emily Griffith Technical College for Professional Sewing and Fashion Design before moving on Red Rocks Community College where she received her AAS is Theatre Technologies before joining their staff as an instructor. 

As the Resident Costume Designer and Instructor for Red Rocks Community College she shares her passion for textiles, sewing, millinery, and design with her students.

Kristina's Workshops

    Costuming as a Method of Story Telling

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / , , , Tech, , /

    Join Kris Johnson for an in depth discussion on the importance of costuming as an element of theatre and storytelling. We will explore different elements in the development of costume designs such as recreating the historical versus the fantastic, sumptuary laws, aspects of color theory, and character development from a designer point of view.

    Plastics: Armor building for Theatre and Stage

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / , , , Tech, , /

    In this workshop we will explore materials and mediums commonly used in cosplay armor and how they translate to the stage. We will discuss friendly plastics such as Worbla, Wonderflex, and Fosshape (their uses, advantages, and disadvantages) as well as finishing techniques, painting methods, sealing for the stage. We will also discuss the modifications required to bridge the gap between cosplay and the stage.