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Mark Kaufmann

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Mark D. Kaufmann is the author of the plays that have been produced around the world. “The Labors of Hercules Fitch” and “The End Of Civilization As We Know It”, and “Betsy’s Inconvenient Garden” were originally published in Dramatics magazine.  His play “Evil Little Thoughts” won the Denver Drama Critics Circle award for Best New Play.  His novel, “Sour Notes”, is being adapted into a play.  Most recently, he co-authored and directed a new musical, “Painting The Clouds With Sunshine”, with the 42nd St. Moon company in San Francisco; an award-winning production.  Other directing assignments include the York Theatre in New York. Mark has taught at USC, AMDA, and is the co-owner of Los Angeles Musical Theater Studio, (, instructing professionals and students in performance technique. He has worked with the International Thespian Society for the last 16 years.  @MarkDKaufmann

Mark's Workshops

    Directing: Putting a Play on its Feet

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    A well-told story onstage depends as much upon the physical movement of the piece as the words. Besides the stage directions written by a playwright, the dialogue itself can inform and reveal relevant blocking ideas. We’ll discuss the basics of stage positions, picturization and reading between the lines of a script to make your direction come alive. For students and teachers.

    Musical Characters On Their Feet

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    The music a character sings gives an actor great clues as to how they should behave. We’ll listen to a variety of songs and discover how to physicalize what the composers have created.

    The Director’s Prep

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    You’ve got your play and look forward to day one of rehearsals. But even before auditions, there’s preparation every director should do to get ready to dive in with confidence. We’ll walk through a nuts and bolts checklist, including breaking down the script, scene analysis, creating a good ground plan, developing ideas for staging, and assembling a rehearsal schedule. For students and teachers.

    Writing the Musical Libretto

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    Great musicals are remembered for their songs. And meaningful songs rise from strong story and characters. From the first note played to the final curtain, the book provides the necessary structure upon which every moment hangs. We’ll discuss structure, how characters are developed through songs, and thematic motifs that pull shows together. For writers, composers and lyricists.