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Mary Ann Kehler

Guest Artist, Broadway Training Intensive

Mary Ann Kehler is a best-selling author whose work on training performing artists — both musical theatre and contemporary music — was featured in Success Mastery with Jack Canfield. She is a musical theatre director with 65 shows to her credit, Executive Producer of Broadway Training Intensive, a college audition coach whose students are in top colleges and conservatories all over the country, and is co-author of a book on auditioning for college programs.  Mary Ann is serving a four-year term as President of International Voice Teachers of Mix and is a mentor for other teachers in that organization.  She successfully trains singers ranging from working professionals to those other teachers have labeled “tone deaf.”  Her students include musical theatre professionals, pop recording artists, lead singers for rock and R&B bands, classical choral soloists, music educators, voice teachers, worship leaders, and singer/songwriters. Mary Ann’s studio is in the Denver Technological Center; she teaches worldwide via internet and has presented at four international voice conferences recently, in Italy, Austria, Poland and the U.S.  She is happy to be traveling the world, training teachers and singers.

Mary Ann's Workshops

    Broadway Belt: Training Vocal Athletes

    , Intermediate, Advanced / , , Musical Theatre, , , / Regular

    Do you want to learn to belt or does your belt need to be stronger? Does your voice crack or break between chest voice and head voice? Is it breathy on higher notes? Does your voice have the stamina to sing eight shows a week? In this workshop, you will learn exercises to help you sing from the bottom to the top of your vocal register without breaking, flipping, or cracking. You'll learn how to move from mix into belt and how to do it in a healthy way. All levels of singing experience are welcome, as are actors who haven't yet learned to sing.