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Michael Bateman

Guest Artist, Pixera

Before joining Pixera as a trainer and Technical Solutions Specialist, Bateman was an Assistant Lighting Supervisor at The Public Theater where he worked on numerous large scale LED practical projects and shows as Production Electrician. He has also spent time in architectural lighting design, on tour with Marvel Universe Live as a video technician, and was a freelance lighting and video designer in Arizona. He has a passion for teaching, learning, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Michael's Workshops

    Practical Lighting: An Introduction

    Beginning, Intermediate, / , , , Tech, , / Tech

    In this workshop we will discuss the basics of practical lighting effects. We will look at various ways to achieve different practical lighting effects (glowing windows, light up signs, desk lamps, fire effects, etc.) and discuss things like wireless lighting and battery needs, the famous 'West Virginia' formula, LED and Pixel tape, and how to scale these effects up.

    Video Software: You can’t learn ’em all, so what should you learn?

    , Intermediate, Advanced / , , , Tech, , / Tech

    In this session we will discuss which software a prospective video technician or designer might need when starting their journey, or what new software should be looked at for continuing education. We will go over different software in numerous categories like: modeling, media server, content creation, video editing, LED processor, productivity, streaming, 3D engines, and various others. While these software won't be taught in depth, we will discuss methods to best learn new software and talk about how to remain a perpetual student in the rapidly changing video industry.