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Michael Pearl

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Dr. Michael Pearl (Presenter). Doc recently retired from the Cherry Creek School District, having taught theatre and directed plays at Smoky Hill High School and Grandview High School. He is a recipient of Cherry Creek Teacher of the Year, Colorado Theatre Educator of the Year, and Colorado Thespian Hall of Fame Honors. Now “Doc” practices what he taught! Acting credits include “Mort” What’s Wrong with This Picture?, “Norman,” On Golden Pond, Vintage Theatre; “Hugo,” God’s Man in Texas, Aurora Fox; “Scrooge,” A Christmas Twist, Firehouse Theater; and “Rev. Hooker,” Dearly Departed, Spotlight Theatre. He has also performed with Littleton Town Hall Arts Center, and Miner’s Alley Playhouse. Doc performs audio books for Brook Forest Voices. He is represented by Maximum Talent. Look for him on the Polar Express at the Colorado Railroad Museum this holiday season.

Michael's Workshops

    Effective Acting: Affecting Others

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    The most satisfying performances make the audience believe your characters and empathize with them. You’ve seen those magical performances, and envied those actors. The truth is, you can make the magic happen, too. Through a combination of observations, activities, and exercises, Dr. Pearl guides you to a discovery of keys that unlock the mysteries of effective acting, the kind that welcomes and involves an audience. Presented by Dr. Mike Pearl

    It’s All in the Timing

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    Timing is everything, we’re told. But what is dramatic timing in performance? How does it work? Can you manipulate timing to alter an effect? With activities and exercises, Dr. Pearl shows you a technique that tantalizes an audience with anticipation and intensifies your performance. Presented by Dr. Mike Pearl.