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Mitch Samu

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Mitch Samu is a professional Music Director, Conductor, Composer, and Accompanist. He has over 300 productions as Music Director to his credit during his career.  Mitch is the Music Director at Columbine United Church. 
He is the composer of several major choral works & musicals.   Some of the titles are: 
“Jesus , the last mile…” – A 15-Movement Oratorio
“We’ll Beat the Odds” – A Musical about marriage, 
“A Kiss For My Daughter / A Kiss for My Father” – A musical around Alzheimer’s Disease
“Motherhood: The Agony and the Ecstasy”
“Jesus , the last mile… – A Passion Musical” – A musical exploring the life of Jesus
“The Story of Whisp. Everybody’s Angel”
Former Vocal Coach for Tony Award Winning Actress Annaleigh Ashford.
Mitch has had the blessing of playing on Broadway as well as playing & conducting several national tours.  Some of his Broadway credits include Saturday Night Fever, The Lion King, and Little Shop of Horrors.
Mitch is the creator of THE 5-MINUTE PIANO LESSON and “3 STEPS BACK”, a 30-minute touring musical for children 5 –11 years old around the issue of abduction awareness.
Mitch is a Motivational Speaker with tremendous talks to inspire you to live the life you were meant to live.  His most requested talk is titled: “110 Billion people & You”.
He has over 400 “Mitch Talks” on Facebook.
Visit his website is for more information.
Mostly, Mitch is the proud father of Willow & Orion and proud husband of Kristen.

Mitch's Workshops

    Auditioning for the REAL World not Theoretical

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , Musical Theatre, , , /

    Auditioning for the Real World

    Intermediate –

    Acting/Musical Theatre

    I give a REAL world look at what it is like to audition for top professional Broadway Shows in NY. I tell the Students and the Teachers what it is REALLY like. I discuss audition prep and what they should be expecting at a real audition. I answer all questions from my perspective. Presented by Mitch Samu

    BLIND AUDITIONS. What is everyone so afraid of? Let the talent SPEAK AND SING for itself.

    Beginning, , Advanced / Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, , , /

    We have prejudices. You may not like me saying that and it's true. I have been doing blind auditions for years and they are wonderfully freeing. Casting people have got to start thinking outside the box and allowing the talent to speak and sing for itself. And Yes I have answers to the questions Directors and Choreographers ask all the time about Blind Auditions. Presented by Mitch Samu

    Musical Directing- Better and realistic for your Talent (Teacher Workshop)

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / , , Musical Theatre, , , /

    Mitch has directed well over 300 productions in his career including National Tours and Broadway Acts. Let Mitch share with you some ideas to get the most out of your students and out of your productions.

    Tell the Story, really simple, Actors and Singers

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , Musical Theatre, , , /

    The basic concepts of Musical Theater and Acting practice are really quite simple. Just tell the story. It is just that simple. Yet so many performers and teachers are not telling the story. This is a great workshop for both students and teachers, wanting to accomplish the goals of theatrical training in telling your story.

    Truth on Making a Living in Show Business

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, , , /

    This is the workshop where I tell you the truth about making a living in the show business and what you can expect from the point of view of a professional Music Director director, Writer, Composer and Producer. This might not be the most fun workshop AND this is the one that can change the way you look at the future of you in our business. You want fun and craziness, THIS IS NOT THE WORKSHOP TO COME TO. You wanna walk out changed, this is the one for you. Presented by Mitch Samu


    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , Musical Theatre, , , /

    You've heard the Mitch Talks. Some of you have seen me live. You may ask what the heck does this have to do with theater or musical theater? EVERYTHING! It has to do with changing the way you look at your life. I promise you will be changed at the end of this workshop. Presented by Mitch Samu