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Nathaniel Dolquist

Guest Artist

Nathaniel is a New York City and Los Angeles-based performer and teacher. A ThunderRidge High School alum, he graduated from Yale in 2015 with a BA in Theatre Studies after a year abroad with the Yale Whiffenpoofs, for whom he was a lead soloist and arranger. 

Nathaniel has pounded the NYC/LA pavement since 2015. He's seen it all: final callbacks for national tours and Broadway shows, the crowds of people in line at 5 am praying for an audition slot for well-known dinner theaters, dance calls where he's the only auditioner, standing next to celebrities in the elevator (please ask. He loves those stories). He has successfully moved from Colorado to New York to LA, found a day job that pays the bills, worked with master teachers, built a bicoastal resume, been stuck on a cruise ship for two months during COVID, found an agent and manager, joined the circus (literally), gotten his Equity card, created viral videos on social media, and managed to maintain a social life. If you don't get a chance to ask him your question in a workshop, feel free to DM or email and he'll answer if he can.

Grove Prep, Nathaniel's tutoring company, helps students from all over the world with homework, standardized tests (SAT/ACT), college admissions essays, and college courses. Check out the Top Tutor Podcast for free information and tips!

Films: Pam, Steel Tango, Livefeed, Remember(Ed), Sour Ground, STEADFAST

Off-Broadway: Felicité in WONDERLAND (Atlantic Theater), First Sailor in Dido and Aeneas with Kelli O’Hara and Victoria Clark (City Center), and choreographer/performer for the Broadway and Ballet HERO Awards. Regional: The Emcee in Cabaret (BCCPA), Sky in MAMMA MIA! (UCPAC) Ernst Ludwig in Cabaret (Mac-Haydn), Glen Guglia in The Wedding Singer (Mac-Haydn), Orsino in Twelfth Night (Yale), Riff Raff in The Rocky Horror Show (Yale), and Bobby in A Chorus Line (Yale).

International: AIDA Cruise Lines, Yale Whiffenpoofs, Yale Spizzwinks(?). Performed in over 55 countries.


Nathaniel's Workshops

    AMA: An NYC/LA Actor

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, Tech, , / Regular

    Ask me anything! What’s it like to live in NYC and LA? Should I go to a conservatory or a liberal arts school? What makes a good headshot? Does type really matter? Do people really line up at 5 am for auditions? Is it important to be in the actor’s union? Is it true that someone pooped in the holding room at the Magic Mike EPA in 2018? Ask me these and any other questions you can think of in this Q&A session!

    STRUT: The Art Of Literally Just Walking

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, Tech, , / Regular

    “Ok, now you move that mic stand from stage right to stage left.” Yes, but HOW? Should I shimmy? Slink? Saunter? Somnambulate? Depends on the show, so we’re gonna strut like the queens we are... with songs from Broadway shows and pop divas.

    We’re gonna walk. We’re gonna shimmy. And you had best believe we’re gonna strut. This class is high-energy, active, and fabulous. Wear clothes you can move in! You'll learn how to catwalk like a model (from an actual model), how to make everyone stare at you, and how to look and feel confident because, guess what babe, you are VERY good-looking.


    What is Stage Presence and How Do I Get It?

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, Tech, , / Regular

    What even is stage presence? Master performers have it, sure. You know it when you see it. But is it a natural talent? Can you develop it in yourself?

    You absolutely can develop it. I’ll show you how.

    I’ve been working on these questions with teachers in New York City and at Yale for many years. Through the use of the Alexander Technique and releasing of the fight-or-flight response, I’ll show you how to become truly present as you give your gifts onstage and off.

    People with stage fright or who “clam up” when performing are very much encouraged to attend this workshop. It may be scary, but you’ll leave with some useful tools!