Presenter Profile

Richard Burk

Guest Artist, Casper College Department of Theatre and Dance

Richard Burk, Workshop Presenter- MFA, Casper College: Coordinator of the Theatre Performance Degree. After touring with the Old Creamery Theatre Company, performing children’s theatre, mime, comedy and drama, Richard received his M.F.A. in Acting from the University of Illinois.  His training and experience has allowed for a diverse career that includes Directing (Off Broadway– The Magdalene at the Theatre at St. Clements on 46th Street; television (C. B.S.’s True Detectives, produced by William Shatner), Acting (Regionally in theatres in Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, New Mexico, and Washington State), Stage Combat (Staged the violence in the World Premiere of Mark Medoff’s STUMPS at the American Southwest Theatre Company) Playwriting (Wrote and produced LAST CROSSING, and “WHY I DO WHAT I DO, a one man show”), International Workshop presenter (Instituto Guatemalteco Americano in Guatemala City), Film,  and Radio, as well as theatre management, as Artistic Director for the Clinton Showboat Theatre.

All of this happened because the people who believed in me never told me I couldn’t do it!  That’s the approach I take in theatre – my job is to empower the artists of the theatre!

Richard's Workshops

    Act With Power and Presence!

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , , , , / Regular

    Act with Power and Presence! – Don’t be trapped by passive choices! Students will explore “power-release” exercises to open full voice and body expressiveness; then, using short bits of text, transform the inner life of the character into outer decisive action. This workshop is appropriate for all levels of experience. Teachers are invited to participate.

    Audition with authority!

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , , , , / Regular

    Audition! one of the most daunting words we hear as actors. This workshop is meant to empower you to take control of your work, after all, this is your job interview, your request for scholarship, and your chance to demonstrate that you are capable, qualified, and deserving of the role. It's all a matter of knowing the ground rules and having a powerful plan. You have the talent. You have the passion. Put together a winning audition that will keep their eyes and ears on you! This workshop is for all levels, and especially for teachers! I hope to see you there!