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Richard Burk

Guest Artist, Casper College Department of Theatre and Dance

Richard Burk, Workshop Presenter- Richard is the Coordinator of the Theatre Performance degree at Casper College in Casper, Wyoming.  He holds degrees from the University of Illinois (M.F.A. in Acting) and Simpson College (B.A. in Theatre Arts), Richard directed the Off-Broadway production of The Magdalene by James Olm  which opened at the Theatre at St. Clements  on 46th St. in New York.  He is a member of the National Alliance of Acting Teachers, part of the Actors Center in New York City.  Richard has worked in theatre film and television, focusing on truth in acting. 

Richard's Workshops

    Act With Power and Presence!

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , , , , /

    Act with Power and Presence! – Don’t be trapped by passive choices! Students will explore “power-release” exercises to open full voice and body expressiveness; then, using short bits of text transform the inner life of the character into outer decisive action. This workshop is appropriate for all levels of experience. Teachers are invited to participate.

    Did You See What I Said?

    Beginning, Intermediate, / Acting, , , , , /

    Mime. Pantomime. Acting without words. Call it what you will, it's darned fun! The art of engaging the observers imagination so that they create in their minds what your body suggests on stage is incredibly satisfying. Students will learn to be specific in their attention, in the isolation of body parts to create illusions that have been part of the physical lexicon for centuries, and capitalized on most recently by performers Marcel Marceau, and Claude Kipnis. This will serve any actor or teacher who is interested in performing at any level, including children's theatre. Teachers are invited to play along!