Presenter Profile

Ryan Dohoney

Guest Artist, St Vrain Theatre Company/Envision Production Group

Ryan is the owner of Envision Production Group and has been working as a theatrical and corporate designer for ten years. Recent credits in design include lighting for the Off-Broadway production of Wildcards in NYC & The Last Five Years (19K Productions Boulder) as well as audio design for Spamalot the musical, and full production design for Airborne Dance. He has been awarded several awards for design at the Colorado Community Theatre Collation with the St Vrain Theatre Company. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Metropolitan State University of Denver. He also enjoys  being a wedding DJ in his spare time.

Ryan's Workshops

    Advanced Lighting for the Entertainment Industry

    , Intermediate, / , , , Tech, , /

    Take your knowledge of lighting design and theory to the next level with this immersive workshop. there are many styles of lighting design as well as many types of events in the entertainment industry, from theatre, to music, to corporate. How can we become universal designers and understand the core principles of lighting design to become proficient at designing every style of event? Find out in this hands on industry oriented workshop.

    Tech On A Dime

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / , , , Tech, , / Tech

    Workshop participants will learn how to design and build a full set for the least amount of money as possible. Everything from using what is in their theatre to what is in the community and by using contacts they might have as well as contacts the cast have. Also using tricks of the trade to make things simple and easy to build without over complicating them. As well as learn about sound effects, props and LED lighting effects.