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Ryan Unangst

Guest Artist, Romeo Music

Ryan Unangst comes from Romeo Music as an Educational Music Technology Specialist. Having taught elementary general music, middle school modern bands and digital music production, high school musical theater, and marching band percussion and technology, in addition to having years of experience with educational and performance technologies has given him a unique lens into the application of technology in classroom and ensemble settings, and how it can best serve the development of students and educators alike.

Ryan's Workshops

    Audio for Beginners and Beyond

    Beginning, Intermediate, / , , , Tech, , / Tech

    When putting microphones and instruments through a sound system, knowing the ins and outs of your gear will save you time, and result in a better experience for everyone. In this session, we'll dive into the basics of running sound so your next program can really pop! This crash course will cover how to choose microphones, how to physically set up your system, and how to achieve a nice, natural sound through sound check.

    Mic and Mix Tips on a Digital Console

    , Intermediate, Advanced / , , Musical Theatre, Tech, , / Tech

    Digital mixers offer a massive level of control, and features that can make running sound or recording any ensemble a breeze, but offer no shortage of challenges for new or inexperienced users. In this session, we'll be exploring the workflow of several popular digital mixers, and detailing some hidden tips and tricks that can bring your performances to the next level!