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Ted Stark

Guest Artist, University of Colorado at Boulder

Ted Stark began working in theatrical costume construction in 1987 with The Virginia Shakespeare Festival and The Juilliard School. Over the years he has made costumes for numerous organizations and productions including 17 seasons at The Santa Fe Opera, Los Angeles Opera, Boston Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Chicago Lyric Opera, Florida Grand Opera, Washington Opera, Alley Theatre, Huntington Theatre and a number of Broadway productions including The Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, The Sound of Music and, most recently, A Christmas Story, The Musical. Ted is a Senior Instructor and Costume Production Manager, and heads the BFA Design/Tech/Management program at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Ted's Workshops

    How To Drape and Pattern Your Own Costumes

    Beginning, , / , , , Tech, , / Tech

    Learn to custom make your own costume patterns using the fundamentals of draping and flat patterning. Who knew it could be this easy?!

    Inside The Groove: Rhythm-Based Performance Enhancement Techniques

    Beginning, , / Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, , , /

    To be taught by Jesse Manno

    Participants will simultaneously enhance their internal sense of rhythm and their sense of community by holding their own groove while interlocking in rhythmic patterns with each other.  Come learn how rhythmic tricks can make live theatre more engaging!

    Jesse Manno is Music Director of the University of Colorado, Boulder Dance Program, He began his association there playing live music for Dance Classes at age 17.  He is also a frequent accompanist/composer in residence with The Bates Dance Festival, ACDA conferences, and the Florida Dance Festival. He has composed over 200 dance/theatre scores from Off Broadway to abroad for Lazer Vaudeville, David Dorfman, David Taylor, Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance, Turning The Wheel, Inc. and many others.

    Speak Without Words!

    Beginning, , / Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, Tech, , /

    Did you know that there is a language that we've all known, no matter who we are, since we were toddlers? Whether you are an actor, dancer, singer, director, designer or technician, we can all learn to harness this language and communicate with our audience.

    The Makeup Circus

    Beginning, , / Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, Tech, , /

    Want to learn how to do specialty makeup? Style and put on wigs? Join us for the Makeup Circus! We will discuss prepping your face to maintain healthy skin, and then dive into a whole series of different wig and makeup styles.

    Transnational Fusion Funk

    Beginning, , / , Dance, Musical Theatre, , , /

    To be taught by Donna Mejia

    We will focus on Transnational fusion dance using expressiveness, hardcore rhythms, hip work, athletic challenge, and attentive body work. Beginning with yoga and somatic science-based warm up, we will then upgrade to ballistic beats and spirited movement, featuring North African and Dances of the Arab world with underground Hip Hop and Electronic Music. This class will feature the best underground funk, international hip hop and electronica in the known universe.

    Donna Mejia is an international touring artist and Assistant Professor of dance at CU-Boulder specializing in transnational fusion and traditions of the Arab/African Diaspora, ethnic studies, gender studies, pedagogy and ethics. Donna served as Artist in Residence for fifteen universities, and completed her graduate studies on full fellowship. She has headlined over 50 international festivals since 2012, received the Fulbright Association's 2011 Selma Jeanne Cohen honor for International Dance

    You spin Me Right Round: Turntable Design and Construction

    Beginning, , / , , , Tech, , /

    To be taught by Kerry Cripe

    This workshop will discuss different approaches to turntable design and construction including a variety of technical approaches and construction techniques.

    Kerry Cripe is currently a faculty Technical Director and Lighting Designer at the University of Colorado Boulder.  His professional credits extend over twenty years and include Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Utah Shakespeare Festival, The New Harmony Theatre, Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company and The Central City Opera.

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to his teaching schedule, Kerry can only teach Friday afternoon.