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A Theatre Director’s Guide to Body Wellness

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Presented by Cody Gardner

For better or worse, performers are athletes! And just like athletes, their performance is tied to the body's ability to move and keeping moving. Actors? Hard to do stage combat safely with poor body awareness. Vocalists? Guess what: the voice is a muscle! Dancers? Oh, heck yes!

In this director-focused counterpart to the student workshop, "Maintain Your Money-Maker," we'll join Dr. Cody Clayton Gardner, Denver-based actor, Performing Arts Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Guest Artist at DSA, for an interactive workshop on daily strategies to improve your students' motor intelligence, prevent injury, and level up performance! As directors and instructors, we are uniquely placed to establish healthy habits early. Proper movement, posture, exercises, self-massage techniques, healthy habits, warmups, cooldowns, strength and conditioning, mythbusting. . . We'll cover it all and more!

Come with questions. Come wearing clothes to move in. Let's do this!