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Advanced Special Effects: Introducing SPFX to Theatre

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Presented by Zackery Klassen

Special Effects can be the talk of the show! Your audience will remember that blast of CO2 from a cannon or the Bubbles from The Little Mermaid or the Snow in The Nutcracker. I could go on forever. In this workshop we will go over how to integrate the many different special effects available into the stage. We will discuss new Cold Spark Technology, Sparkular Units, a non-pyrotechnic alternative as well as older, traditional effects such as Ground Fog and how they have changed in recent years to operate more efficiently. We will teach how to use the different effects as well as discuss safety and techniques.

Zack Klassen is the owner and Lead Designer of Rythm EFX in Fort Collins, CO. Zack has over 18 years experience in Lighting Design and Theatre and began working in Theatre as a teen and has since has taken it to whole new level. He has become well rounded in all aspects of Theatre and Production and has worked in all types of the Event Business. Zack is also the mastermind behind Rythm EFX’s Scenic Prop Shop working on some of the most custom pieces for our clients. Zack has the creative eye to turn something great into something amazing with just a few small tweaks.
Come meet Zack and the rest of the RFX Crew!