Workshop Information

“Don’t Wait For It – Instead Take Hold Of Your Dance Auditions” – Musical Theater Hip Hop & Freestyle Creative Movement Workshop

Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Dance, Musical Theatre
Presented by Kayleigh Schadwinkel-Hickman

We’ve all been in auditions that require improv, in which lack of experience or fear factor may have inhibited us from putting our best foot forward and expressing our true artistic self. Don’t we all wish we knew how to overcome that fear and awkwardness so we can sell out our dance improv every time and stand out from the crowd? We have the answer for you! In this workshop, dancers of all skill levels and musical theater backgrounds will learn the 3 key fundamental factors to have a successful improv session. Dancers will learn how to express and evoke emotion through their body language, presence, and stance to convey a message and use movement to further the plot of “Wait For It” from Hamilton. Dancers will learn beginner thru advanced hip hop techniques and choreography being taught in the industry including popping, locking, body isolations, and the importance of layering, levels, and more to create intricate pictures to dress the stage and to rock their dance auditions.