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Like a Turkey Thrown Out of an Airplane into a Warzone – Metaphors in Storytelling

Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , Musical Theatre, , ,
Presented by Jason Lemire

Sometimes the most powerful way to explore a theme or subject matter is through metaphor. Indeed, it can be a particularly impactful way of grappling with difficult or emotionally charged material. In this workshop, thespians will be invited to engage with metaphors both as they are found in scripted works and by attempting to discover their own. Metaphor can allow for a safe degree of distance, and even be a vehicle for comedy, all while offering actors and playwrights the opportunity to produce truly meaningful work. This workshop is run by educator and playwright Jason Lemire, whose experience as a writer-in-residence with the Rutgers Institute on Ethnicity informs his approach to tackling social justice themes in storytelling.