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“Not Another Network Class” Presented By ETC

Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / , , , Tech, ,
Presented by Clearwing Denver

Not Another Networking Class is a new way of explaining network protocols, how network protocols are used in an
architectural control system, and when to use them. In this interactive and audience driven session, we will review the
common networks you find in lighting and building management systems. In it we take a fresh look at not only how
devices interconnect, but toss in some best practices for designing efficient and effective network infrastructure. As a
class, we will assemble a working architectural control system using the given information and products, then each
student will sketch a control riser based on the joint activity. At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able
to identify and determine what network protocol they would need to use to construct a working architectural control
system. We guarantee that while we will use a lot of acronyms, this is not another boring network class.

Presented By: Erin Giblin, Field Project Coordinator at ETC