Workshop Information

Roy Hart Vocal Work

, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , Musical Theatre, , ,
Presented by Stacey DAngelo

“The voice is the muscle of the soul.” - Roy Hart

In the "Roy-Hart-work" we explore the voice in all its forms of expression. We will examine the relationship between voice and body as well as explore varying ways into text, character, emotional connection to language, and performance power. This workshop is beneficial for acting and musical theatre students alike. We will explore the deep connection between the voice and body:

• To become aware of your breathing and develop the breath-body-voice connection
• To connect to your body
• To expand the possibilities of your voice: timbres, colors, resonance, registers…
• To play and improvise with your voice, imagination and emotions

Please bring:
-A memorized monologue/text
-Clothing you can move in