Workshop Information

STRUT: The Art Of Literally Just Walking

Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, Tech
Presented by Nathaniel Dolquist

“Ok, now you move that mic stand from stage right to stage left.” Yes, but HOW? Should I shimmy? Slink? Saunter? Somnambulate? Depends on the show, so we’re gonna strut like the queens we are... with songs from Broadway shows and pop divas.

We’re gonna walk. We’re gonna shimmy. And you had best believe we’re gonna strut. This class is high-energy, active, and fabulous. Wear clothes you can move in! You'll learn how to catwalk like a model (from an actual model), how to make everyone stare at you, and how to look and feel confident because, guess what babe, you are VERY good-looking.