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Why A Theatre Major Matters

Beginning / Acting, Musical Theatre, Tech
Presented by Megan Lewis

In the United States, the arts have historically been viewed as an avocation rather than a vocation. And these questions comes up often in deciding on a degree in the performing arts: Is a theatre major worth it? Especially in tough economic times? What skills do we teach in theatre that can apply to other areas, jobs, and walks of life? Why should anyone major in theatre?

Drawing on her experience in multiple career paths in both the private and public sectors: in theatre and higher education, PR and advertising, video production, professional writing, leadership and international work, Dr. Megan Lewis answers these questions for you.

Lewis examines how Theatre training addresses the emerging paradigm of work in the 21st century: the need for creative people in new and creative economies. Offering practical, applicable examples, she argues that theatre prepares us with vital, marketable skills that apply to theatremaking as well as many other fields.