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Film: Crafting a Cinematic Scene

, Intermediate, Advanced / Acting, , , , ,
Presented by Eric Hernandez

What makes a scene "cinematic?" What does "cinematic" mean?
The adventure of taking words on a page, and bring them to life demands that the filmmaker successfully juggles every aspect of filmmaking. The decisions he or she makes can greatly impact the quality and power of a scene.

You have your script, you have your actors, and you have your camera. But now what? Staging a scene requires an understanding, both technical and dramatic, that acts as the foundation for all creative decisions.

Dive into the world of filmmaking through engaging exercises that will teach the fundamentals of bringing a scene to life. Learn to recognize the beats of a scene, blocking your actors, and see how the camera becomes a character of its own.

After completing this workshop, participants will have the learned the necessary techniques to increase the cinematic quality of even the most basic of scenes.